What Is Affordable Housing?

Detailed information on how affordable housing is defined by various federal and state programs.
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Who Needs Affordable Housing?

Detailed descriptions of the households who need affordable housing.
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Understanding Affordable Housing Planning Requirements

State law requires that metropolitan area communities develop plans and programs to contribute to meeting their share of the area's need for affordable housing. The Metropolitan Council plays a key role in reviewing and coordinating these plans. This article describes these planning requirements and the Council's role.
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Met Council Establishes Two Sets of Housing Goals for Cities Starting in 2011

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Dimensions of the Metropolitan Area's Affordable Housing Needs

At the start of this decade, nearly 170,000 households paid more than they could afford for housing. Projections by the Metropolitan Council and others show that even with all of the current resources annually made available for housing for lower income families, tens of thousands more households will be inadequately housed each year unless concerted efforts are made and new housing resources are utilized.
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Cities plan for future housing goals while lagging on current ones

While some cities show that affordable housing goals can be met, far too many cities have produced far less affordable housing than they agreed to.
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Initial Conclusions from CURA Survey Data

An analysis of the results of the CURA Survey on obstacles to affordable housing production, use of programs to produce affordable housing, and reaction to the Metropolitan Council's new affordable housing goals; as well as an analysis of how the new housing goals have shifted affordable housing requirements in the region.
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Metropolitan Council Planning Provides Opportunity to Make Progress on Affordable Housing

The Metropolitan Council is beginning to develop the Twin Cities first Regional Housing Policy Plan in three decades. This provides an important opportunity to update housing policies to accomplish two critical goals: producing more affordable housing with the resources at hand, and placing more of that housing near key opportunity assets. This article describes some of the issues involved, including housing performance scores and the region's first ever Fair Housing Equity Assessment.
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Survey Summary Page
Learn more about the Survey and the cities involved.
Busting 5 Myths of Affordable Housing
Presentation that addresses myths related to affordable housing, from The Campaign for Affordable Housing.
Figure 1: Comparison of LCA Goals to Need-Based Goals
From Initial Conclusions from CURA Survey Data
PDF - 263 KB
Metro Failing To Meet Housing Goals
Star Tribune Editorial - 07/17/07
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11,000 Cram onto Rent Aid List
Pioneer Press Article, 4/21/07
PDF - 29 KB
The Crunch of Affordable Housing
Star Tribune Article - 4/29/07
PDF - 18 KB

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